Terms and Conditions




The training School does not provide insurance to cover illness/personal injury or unplanned course cancellation.

The training School advise customers make their own arrangements in relation to the above matter if they feel it is appropriate

Although there is no excess, the training school reserve the right to invoice Customers for the payment of the first £600 for any loss or damage to machines or equipment caused as a result of the students malicious or stupid behaviour during training sessions.


A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid when booking C.B.T courses and the balance paid no later than on the C.B.T date.

All other courses are subject to a non-refundable deposit and the balance due by an agreed date. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, BUT NO CHEQUES. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Customers must arrive on time to start their course. Late comers maybe excluded from the course and any rebooking may be subject to an additional fee.

If the customer cancels, giving at least 30 days notice, a full refund will be made (minus a Maximum £75 Admin Fee)

If the booking is short notice within 30 days of the training start date the deposit is non refundable

If the customer cancels training without giving 30 days notice, the deposit will be retained by the training School.

If training School cancels training, the customer will be offered an alternative date (See below for cancellations due to inclement weather)

The training School will not be held liable for any Driving Standards Agency (DSA) test cancellations or failures. However the training School will endeavour to assist the student were appropriate in claiming any compensation from the (DSA). Further the School will assist in re-booking another test.

If weather conditions are such that the training School must cancel, all training will be rescheduled but we will not except any claims for compensation for any reason.

The training School reserves the right to cancel any course if in their opinion the customer/student becomes a hazard to themselves or other road users. In this event an hourly rate will be applied, except for CBT where no refund will be made.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all necessary & relevant documentation is valid & remains in their possession throughout the training. i.e.:

CBT – A valid UK Provisional Category A or Category P License (Both parts if a photographic license) if a customer has an older style paper license it must be supported with a valid (in date) passport.

All courses A, A1, A2 back to biking training/practical test – A valid UK provisional license category A (both parts if a photographic type license) CBT certificate & Theory test certificate. If a customer has an older style paper license it must be supported with valid (in date) passport.

Machine documentation if own machine is being used – valid insurance certificate, MOT and tax disc correctly displayed, L plates if required.

Machine should be to current road traffic and construction and use specification

If the customer does not provide the necessary documentation or meet the eyesight check requirements, the current law says and this is subject to change: (Ability to read a vehicle registration plate at 20.5 metres or 67ft) with or without optical aids the deposit will be forfeit & training will not be able to commence.


Customers/students are not expected to turn up in race leathers but no tee shirts flip flops and shorts. We must insist on a long sleeved jackets, full length jeans (no cut downs), footwear minimum trainers, and gloves. If you have no gloves we will provide you a pair (new) for £20.00. This is an insurance requirement. A helmet will be provided if needed. If a customer arrives for training without wearing appropriate clothing the training School reserve the right to cancel training and retain the deposit.


It is the customer’s/students responsibility to inform the training School of any special needs at the time of booking training.


If it is the opinion of the training School representative that the customer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (whether prescribed or not) they reserve the right to cancel training with no refund of payment.


The training School reserve the right to decline/withdraw training to anyone the School considers unfit (their behaviour to trainers, other students, other road users). In such circumstances the training School would at their discretion consider a full or partial refund depending on circumstances.

The training school will, where possible, match customers with equal skills but this is not guaranteed.

The training School will, where possible, keep the customer on the same machine throughout their training, but this is not guaranteed.

The training School will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour in our working environment. Therefore we reserve the right to terminate the course without refund if we are subjected to this type of behaviour.

The school prides itself on its high standards and professional approach to road safety. This therefore requires that guidelines set by the Driving Standards Agency and the school are adhered to for everyone’s benefit and safety. If students do not complete any part of the set syllabus we regret we cannot pass them with a C.B.T certificate.

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